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Gantt Chart Issue

Ron Kochanowski

New Member
Using the template: Gantt Chart Template - by week with completions

Building an array from header styles in Word and transposing it into Excel.

When the transpose inserts the additional rows needed into the Excel Template (renamed MAP Template), the last row of the template week calculations gets a bad value.

Here's a before and after to display what I'm speaking of:
Here the cell calc is accurate.

After the transpose:
What was formerly the last row of the table gets a 3 cell references changed to the new end row of the table. It's just this one row that is changed. The remaining rows are generated as they should be.

Any thoughts as to why this happens and how to correct it from re-occurring?


Excel Ninja
Hi Ron ,

Please specify whether this is a freely available downloaded product , or is it a paid-for product.

If it is the former , please post the download link.

If it is the latter , please send me your file : narayank1026 [at] gmail [dot] com.