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Gantt chart; by day, with a specific start date and time & end date and time

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I am going to build a production schedule so my planner can add planned product runs which will be in gantt style planning. I’ve done this in the past but colored in the gantt part myself. However, I’d like to automate this so when the planner enters information the gantt side is created automatically, I want the cells to be coloured in to represent the gantt I don't want to use the graph type gantt that can be used in excel.

“Does anyone know of a template that is already made (even if I have to pay for it? -- > it would have to in excel and editable) that I can edit to suit my own requirements"

Basically, I want a gantt chart so it colors cells based on a start date and start time, and an end date and end time and to show progress in percentage.
If I could just get this part that would be great however if anyone out there can come up with a solution that allows date and time and progress as above and on the same line allows me to add a different color to represent a machine changeover (from 1 to 2hrs) that would be fantastic. I've attached a file of what I would like visually. I'm not sure if this can be done in excel so last chance saloon with this forum.



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