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Function to remove duplicate numbers in a single cell sorting ascending order


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Gentlemen, good morning.

I can't solve it, I ask for your help, explanation in the model

Remembering I need formula for version of Excel 2016 and also for version 365

Not VBA and not Power BI

thanks in advance




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Here is a possible solution that works for either case. I am assuming that you are trying to avoid helper cell concatenation, but will allow the use of CONCAT within a formula. If that is the case the formula below should work.


The bold red would reference the input cell or range. The revised workbook is attached.

Hope that helps.




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Excel 2016 has CONCAT so (you may need to Ctrl+Shift+Enter this to ommit it to the sheet):
or for a range (it's the same):
edit post posting: Ha, beaten to it!
Note also the inclusion of zero in mine.
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Normal Excel 2016 do not have CONCAT function unless you have Excel 2016 Professional Edition

Maybe try this formula for all old Excel versions

1] H11, array formula ("Ctrl+Shift+Enter")


2] H22, array formula ("Ctrl+Shift+Enter")


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Ken U, Good morning. Worked, thank you.

p45cal, Good Morning It worked thank you.

bosco_yip, Good Morning, You are correct some versions do not have this function, your solution also worked thank you very much.