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From A to B: Migration Visualization Ideas


Hi Philipko,

Do you want to do exactly the same, or just a donut chart? Because if you want to do exactly the same, I would suggest you start with Excel and finish with Illustrator...



Excel Ninja
Hi Phlipko,

I think this chart could be tried upon as a challenge (from my point of view :p), we can use circles to create donuts and create a chart but i would say that it will be really difficult to update for data you are using.


New Member
I do not think it needs to be exactly the same. Just something similar.

In my line of work, we do a lot of customer migrations. I think this is among the best visual representations that I have seen.

Faseeh: It will be a challenge. I will keep going at it, and update this post as I discover ways to plot and continuously update a chart.


Excel Ninja
Hi Pilipko,

Just got this idea while having dinner, we can use a heat map to reflect same amount of information. Are you interested?