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Freight cost calculation based on weight and distance


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Hi All,

Hope you are doing well!...I am trying to find the freight cost that will be incurred based on the weight that is to be carried and the miles to travel to reach the destination for ground service and also the fuel charge incurred ... Can you please help me here....I have provided the required input and output in the sheet attached....

In my attached sheet following are the tabs:

Carrying cost: This tab has the Miles ranges and the weight in pounds...the cost is to be multiplied based on the weight to be carried multiplied by the number got out of the table for ex: if 100 pounds are to be carried for 75miles then the cost is 1.56*100 =156$ without fuel surcharge..

Fuel surcharge: This table represent the percentage of the cost that is to be added as fuel surcharge: ,For example if 300 pounds are to be carried for 500 miles then the cost would be 2.09*300=627 ...Adding the fuel surcharge it would be an addition of 12% cost based on the fuel surcharge table : ie: 627+0.12*627=702.24

Input& Required Output:The order id (oid), weight in pounds to be carried and the distance in miles are the inputs ..The output is the cost without fuel surcharge and the cost with fuel surcharge....