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Freelance admin assistant @ Chandoo.org


Staff member
Hi Folks,

I am looking for an administrative assistant for our online training programs.

The job involves,
- Monitoring email for successful payments from new students
- Adding students to our online class
- Helping students with password reset
- Changing login details (name or email)
- Upgrading students to new levels upon successful payment
- Removing students who have cancelled their payment
- Sending PDF invoice to students who have requested the same
- Sending course completion certificate (PDF) to students who have requested them
- Keeping a record of all students who are joining in an Excel workbook for future reference
- Sending secure download links for our product to customers requesting them
- Optional: If you are an intermediate or above level user of Excel, you can also take up podcast, video transcription work. Roughly 60 minutes of audio + 30 mins of video transcription per month.

We get approximately 50 new students in to our courses every month.

You need to be,
- familiar with Wordpress software (just as a user at admin / backend level)
- know Microsoft Excel (data entry and simple usage)
- Fluent in English (ability to write emails and understand customer questions)
- punctual (everyday you need to monitor email for new registrations and enroll students with in 12 hrs of payment)

Monthly salary of $200 for the student admin work. This is a really light weight job with <30 mins per day of work. If you qualify for Podcast transcription, you get US $1 per minute of transcription (thus roughly $300 per month total).

If interested, please email me at chandoo.d@gmail.com with the subject "dingbats - Admin Assistant" by end of day - 17 March 2016.