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Formula to get info from other sheets

Jet Fusion


I have a work book that will have
  1. Contacts as per sheet 1,
  2. Sheet 2
    1. column B & C will be drop down boxes, column D should get the info from sheet 1 matching the info in column C on sheet 2.
    2. column B row 37& 38 and for how long the list will be should get info from sheet 4 and that will be a growing list.
  3. Sheet 3, column D row 6,7&8 I have a Vlookup to get the info from sheet 2.
    1. column H row 6 i'm not sure if you can do this by having a automated no generated each time you create a issue by referencing column D row 4 and concat with colum H, I & J? This will however have to match column I row 5 when selected and for all other entries.
  4. also all formulas to not show 0 when no entry is filled it, it should be blank up until infomation is filled into the relevent referenced cells.



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@Jet Fusion --

I've helped with the first element in your request above: Sheet 2 drop down boxes and matching info in Column D. See attached.

Your remaining requests are difficult for me to understand clearly. Do you care to provide a little more sample data, or a little more explanation?


Jet Fusion

Hi @eibi

Thank you for your response much appreciated.

Ok so Sheet 2 the 1st point works :DD:awesome:

Point 2
In Rows 37 & 38 col B,CD,F should pull thro info from Sheet 4, but only the headings that are on Sheet 2 row 36 col B-F. This will always be these 4 cols.

Point 3
I wanted to know if there could be a number automatically generated like a running number, this will be issued many times and it will need a reference number of the issue.

I thought of if you could have it by referencing D4 and join with colum H5, I5 & J5? So the outcome will be 100-1-AAA-2021.03.04

If the above with auto generated number is not posible then just to concat the info of colum H5, I5 & J5 to H6.

This will however have to match column I row 5 when selected and for all other entries
We can leave this out as I didn't include it on the attached sample file, my bad.

Thank you in advance for assisting.