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Formula that operates with UK Inflation rate

Goodafternoon all, I would like some help with a Inflation calculation. I have supplied an example for you to view.

1. I would like to be able to download automatically the UK inflation rate for the current month(Sept) and every month thereafter, but not sure how to acheive this.
2. Once I have the inflation rate as shown in Col "T" t4:t40 I would like cell L3 to display the rate for the month. I have tried using an IF year/month & today statement utilising the months that appear in Col "N". n4:n40 which would be the range. Only the past months are listed and only goes forward to the next month (Oct) as a new month is met. This function is controlled so as not to make the sheet look untidy. I hope this helps.

I would appreciate your assistance on this issue, thank you..