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Formula not update


Active Member

I have Small Problem that is i am using the below formula

="Purchase register from "&TEXT(Q1, " dd-mm-yyyy ")&"to"&TEXT(Q2, " dd-mm-yyyy ")

when i change the cell value in Q1 or Q2 then the formula is not update when i minimize or change from Tab1 to Tab2 then the formula is changed why it's happening i can't understand

My Calculation field is Automatic mode and one more thing when i press the F9 button also the formula is not update. It is update only on that time when i left the current tab and back to the current tab then i can find the changed formula

Kindly suggest me where is mistake




Excel Ninja

There is nothing wrong with your formula per se. I just put it in a file and it updates perfectly. If you could post the file we might get a better look at your problem.

Take care