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Formula Help

Hey all!
I am slightly decent with Excel and formula's but am struggling to find what I need. Even if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great!!

So I co-own a small business, I have come into this later in the game and am bringing the technology. I try to use formulas as much as possible to minimize human error (and at least make it an easy fix when it does happen). I have attached two photos for reference.

Picture A is my sales log, we record each sale as it comes in, on the day it comes in.
Picture B is the same workbook but a zip code sheet. This collects the data of how many people came in with a mailer and how many people bought cars with or without mailers

I need a formula to organize and automatically populate the data into the daily columns on the right.
I know I may have to do it for each day and each formula but I am willing to do that, I work off of templates so I can have them ready to go.
Thanks so much in advance!!! (bonus points if you adapt it to finding zip codes that aren't populated in the zip code sheet lol)
Picture A: 74326

Picture B:


Excel Ninja
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