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Form Control - Scroll Bar - Was it working properly in prev. versions?


Hi All,

I am preparing a dashboard where i have to link chart with scroll lock linked cell calculations, but scroll bar is not working properly. Once i am clicking on scroll bar it scrolls but does not stop if my pointer is on scroll bar. this is happening in both sitruation for Incremental change & page change.
now my concern is, is it happening to everyone or there is some setting that i need to change.

Thanks in advance



Excel Ninja
Working fine for following environment.

1 Win 10, Office 365 (64 bit)
2 Win 7 Pro, Office 2013 (32 bit)


Thanks all for your efforts,

File i have posted above is working Fine at present, but my main dashboard is still having same issue.
i dont know why in same system, excel files are behaving different, previous file is scrolling as per given parameter only
but on attached file scroll bar
on single click, values are scrolling till the mouse pointer untill i remove pointer from scroll bar

Window Edition : Windows 7 Ultimate
Office Version : Microsoft office standard 2010(32 Bit)

Earlier i have prepared sample data and now i am attaching extract from my dashboard with some changes to protect privacy of data.

your support is appreciable.