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Finding Dividend with Remainder and Divisor only.


New Member
Let me give an example.

I have Remainder = 2 & Divisor = 4. I need a formula or function in Excel which will find the value of Dividend. Quotient not available.

P. S. : We have MOD function in Excel which gives remainder value.
MOD(6,4) = 2
I want inverse MOD function for finding the value of x, which is Dividend.
MOD(x,4) = 2

Please be a little more explicit.
A workbook perhaps?

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
The SEQUENCE function is only available using Microsoft 365. The first form is easier to emulate with legacy Excel.
= Remainder + Divisor * (ROW(1:5000)-1)
is directly equivalent but needs to committed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter. If you enjoy relative referencing and fill down then
= Remainder + Divisor * (ROW()-2)
would do it.