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Find Unique Values and Sum using Power Query


Hi Excel Users,

I need to get unique values (Name, Course Title, Chapter Title) and then sum the Time spent.

By using the Unique function and Sum IFS formula I'm getting the right result. But I need this to be performed using Power Query. Is there any possibility ? The reason being is the actual file will contain more than 40,000 + rows.

Attached sample file for your reference.



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If You ask help to get using Power Query
... then You should have been open this thread to Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot
In this time ...
>> before You [ try to ] move this thread somewhere ... You should try to check - where is this thread now? <<

This is like ...
measure twice - cut once -case
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GraH - Guido

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Sound easy..
Click on group by... Advanced. Add the grouping dimensions, the equivalent of unique, then apply a sum on the column time spent.
doesn't that work?