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find unique names

Hello Guys I am finding a formula to find unique names but not show the name which contains a number like this "6. Sandhya Enterprises"
So, when I try this below formula it shows the below example results. Pls help me guys

Examples :

6. Sandhya Enterprises
7. Nirmal Enterprises
8. Aradhya Enterprises
9. Sunny
Self A/C


Active Member
Please upload an excel file showing what is required accurately in order to avoid wasting the time of everyone who looks at your participation without benefit or importance.

John Jairo V

Well-Known Member
Hi to all!
Another option could be:

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
This is the @p45cal solution. Only the styling is different. Firstly, I do not ever use direct cell references, I avoid the practice of relative referencing and I use the locally-scoped LET variable to expand the formula to avoid nesting and explain the intermediate calculations until there is no further benefit in terms of readability. Doing all that, I got
= LET(
    isNumbered?, ISNUMBER(VALUE(LEFT(party,1))),
    isNonBlank?, party<>"",
    isData?,     party<>"party",
    criterion?,  isData? * isNonBlank? * NOT(isNumbered?),
    matches,     FILTER(party,criterion?),
The only thing I haven't done here is encapsulate the formula using LAMBDA to conceal the unnecessary detail. That would have given
= ListPartiesλ(party)