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Find the word


New Member
ok folks here's my challenge to you, write a formula shorter than mine

Find the word (GOAL) after the 6' komma (,)
always 4 character.



New Member
The string : 2009-01-15,35.80,36.50,34.30,35.30,13993900,GOAL,0,HEY,34
is in cell B3

my formula length is 47


New Member
Hi Chihiro

Yes the one you posted is almost excactly the same as mine

except for the #/~

well i didnt se that solusion before i wrote this one back in 2012
in a Dennish forum named eksperten.dk

so i guess we cant get it shorter than this,- well 47 is not that bad :)

thanks for your input.


New Member
Hi chirayu
Unfortunately that one woult do, imagine that the Word after 6' komma was SOAL..!!! right, u never know what the Word would be, it could be a lot of different strings to handle.

but thanks anyway