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Find Percentage change from last month automatically updated


New Member
Hi Excelers,
I want to know percentage change from last month (C6-D6)/C6. But I want it to be displayed in a column at the end and to automatically update each time I add the monthly data.

I'm using offset to find the latest data


How do I combine them to find the latest percentage change from last month each time I add new data.

I am not the greatest whiz at Excel but here is how I solved the rolling 12 months average.

=IFERROR(AVERAGE(OFFSET(B6,0,COUNTIF(C6:AF6,">.00" ),1,-12)),"")

Would love to hear from you in these dark days.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Please upload a small sample file to demonstrate your data layout



New Member
Hi Hui,
Thanks for having a look. Currently I had a work around with a sheet below giving me the latest difference but when I set up the Call Volumes to pull the data from the Input sheet it messes up my formula and displays 100%. :-( Even my work around is failing. I am trying to develop a sheet that updates everything when the data is added but I am not having much luck.