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Find Maximum ageing days


Hi Ninja Team

I want to find the highest ageing days in each row but range is in different columns
the highest row number should paste in different workbook

In my excel sheet ,rows text will be in alpha numeric ,
like: NoRelationship - 3 Days, Completed - 8 Days

i have attached 2 files, loblist file were in the highlighted "red columns" is the range to find the highest days

in ageing tracking sheet-' when button click' the find highest days should to past in column B.
the Lob list have more than 1 lakhs rows, and dyanmic here i given less rows,
please help the macro on button click to find the highest ageing days

i loblist sheet i highlight the columns in "Green columns" want to find only the days number and paste in ageing sheet in column C,D,E,F