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Find from Random numbers

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by makeitpossibe, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. makeitpossibe

    makeitpossibe New Member


    Dear Friends and Excel experts.

    I need some help to make an easy formula on excel.

    It`s Yoga class activities Students are very in each class highest are 80 in one class.

    Excel example has been attached.

    (Note: Row- A,F,G,H– don’t worry about these rows. They are just for understandings. The main

    Rows are- B-C-D and Rows J-K-L where I need your help)

    Row A – Students name

    Row B- Roll number of those students which is (predefined)

    Row C- Name OR Number of Yoga Asana activities (Example multi asana Mayurasan number given 1, Vajrasan number given 2)

    Row D- Yoga Activities Performance Result (Manual Feeding -Result)

    Row number F-G-H (just for understanding in details)

    Row J-K-L here I need an answer need your help- formula

    This is every third or fifth days work

    So, What I need is

    Once I finished creating a Rows for Yoga Asana Activities (D), Roll number (E) and

    Manual result feeding (F)

    I want to find an answer look from Row B-C-D and give answer / result in Row J-K-L

    Once I type/write any number in Row-J & K it will find an answer for Row-L

    Row Number J and K will look/find in to Row B-C & D and give an answer result for Row-L

    I need some simple and easy formula. So, incase if I have to do any changes or correction I can do it easily.

    Thank you.

    YOGA activites RESULT.JPG
  2. NARAYANK991

    NARAYANK991 Excel Ninja

    Hi ,

    Please upload your workbook.

  3. makeitpossibe

    makeitpossibe New Member

    Dear Mr. Narayan
    Sorry, for delay in my reply
    I have uploaded file to understand more in details
    I just knows excel basics.

    Attached Files:

  4. makeitpossibe

    makeitpossibe New Member

    Again Sorry I accept I made a one big mistake in my question
    Instead of Column every time I have wrote a Row ( so, please when you refer again to my question please read a Column instead of Row.

    Corrected uploading again

    Attached Files:

  5. NARAYANK991

    NARAYANK991 Excel Ninja

    Hi ,

    I am sorry but I will take a day or two to reply.

  6. makeitpossibe

    makeitpossibe New Member

    It's ok no problem.

  7. bosco_yip

    bosco_yip Well-Known Member


    In I3, copy to M3 and :


    All copy down


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017

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