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Filter Listbox using textbox, Select one result and assign values to label

ryan guadalupe

New Member
Hi guys,

I need your help with excel vba. I am trying to create a project.

Here is the project flow.

1. User will enter the employee id in the textbox and click the filter button.
2. It will filter the specific employee id in the listbox.
3. user will then select in one of the results showed in the listbox
4. once the result has been selected and highlighted, user will click the preview button which will show the values in labels.

Please see attached sample that I created. It doesnt have any code.

Please help me.

Thank you.




Active Member
Dear Ryan,

I have few questions,
will there be duplicate Employee ID exists in your case? if not, Filter is not required then As soon as you type Emp ID the details will appear.

keeping same in mind i have added code to your UserForm.
Please see if it works for you.



Fred Wayne

New Member
Hello. I would like you to help me. I am doing a project for excel and I made a personal file for filtering Guest names by using a textbox and a listbox. What I need is to filter names of guest from the listbox by using the textbox. The Guest names are in sheet called "Guest", but the search button to open the Userform to search the guests name. I want to filter all the names that appear in the listbox by using the textbox. Can you help me with that? I am sending you the original file for you to have a better idea of what I talking about. Than you very much. I hope you can help me please. Your the best Chandoo.



Active Member
@ ryan guadalupe
My version: the employees id that do not meet the search criteria disappear from the listbox.
Also use a table.
Click in the listbox to fill the labels.


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Active Member
@ Fred Wayne,
This is a forum rule.
Start a new post every time you ask a question, even if the theme is similar.
Next time, don't break in anyone else's thread but start a new thread.

For your question.
The guests that do not meet the search criteria disappear from the listbox.
Also use a table.