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Filter Data and send email via Macro


New Member
Hi All,

I want to make a macro which will paste data from specific column and then using Data validation will filter the data, post which email will be sent to specific employee for pending work.

Sheet "RAW" have all data avaialble, however I do not need all the data.
I only need Columns which are there in "Pending" Sheet.

This is what I am looking for.

Step 1: I will manually copy Raw data in "RAW" sheet.
Step 2: Filter Data in "Raw" Sheet Column "CN" and filter only "RED" color.
Step 2: Paste the required data in Pending Sheet.
Step 3: Based on "Pending" sheet Employee Name, Drop down list should be fetched in "Final" sheet Cell D3.
Step 4: Once I select Employee Name from D3, Cell "D4-D6" will Vlookup data from "Mapping" Sheet, Also all cases from "Pending" sheet of that Employee will reflect starting from Row 12, The Direction "IN" & "OUT" count will also reflect based on the data
Step 5: Once the data is fetched, I will click on "Send Email" button and email (via Outlook) will be sent to the employee Copying Managers in "Mapping"sheet Column H.

I am using Office 365.

Request you to please assist me with this, please let me know, if you have any doubts.

I am attaching workbook for reference.