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filter combobox based on another combobox



I need some support in Populating Combobox based on the selection made in another one,
as i have a form that contain 3 combobox and datasource for 3 column,
but the first one is related to Leader, the second is for user but need to filter the user as per what selected in Leader field as a dynamic filter, and the last one need to contain the 12 months,

thanks a lot,




please i made some modifications in datasource, i need to get the dynamic filter from sheet called "Daily Exported", and i'm resorted the fields to be as per Month selection, filter the combobox of Leader then as per Leader selection can filter the User combobox

at "Daily Exported" sheet: Month in column ("A"), Leader: ("D"), User ("F") ,and overlook the data for "Data" sheet

>> the range in "Daily Exported" sheet is expanded



Excel Ninja

I am not clear what you want can you be more specific on the order of dependency you want. Is this exercise for developing some sort of dashboard. If yes,there is an option of slicers as well if you want to explore and if you are ok to get rid of your user form.



@Nebu ,

thanks a lot for your follow up, i'm really know how to set slicer to autofilter my data but there is circumstance that make me use combobox

Hello @Debraj

subba khair.. :)

great work !!! Thanks a lot to get the exact answer.
Dear i have another request about a list box that i used these cobobox to retrieve some data.
but these data isn't retrieved with the same format, i retrieve these data from tow different tables, both of them exported with the default format,

note: the table source is imported via "Existing connections" but the values format are processed at both of all, is this problem related to the data source or lixtbox options




Hi Afarag..

subba khair..

Can you please test this one..
Hello @Debraj

sorry to back to this post from a long time ago,
i have applied your code in another sheet but face a compile error

If InStr(deb & "|", "|" & varMonth(i, 1) & "|") = 0 Then deb = deb & "|" & varMonth(i, 1)
i need knowing where deb is getting its value from?

thanks a lot,