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FIFA Fever (2014)

Somendra Misra

Excel Ninja
Hi All Members,

Finally after remaining absent from the forum for almost a week :(, I am back with the file attached :). Well, the file, as thread suggest, is all about FIFA 2014 World Cup. The file list the schedules, present current positions of countries in their group, Present some cool Statistics and give a complete details about teams.

I had tried my level best to give it a look of FIFA official site. Plus, you can a adjust the date & time to your local time setting.

Please note this is my first attempt to create some thing like this, so if you noticed any error or mistake, please point out. If you found any ambiguity in DATA, pardon me as the same is being fetched directly from the source mentioned in the file.

Hope you all will like the file and enjoy using it.




Excel Ninja
Hi Somendra

I have had a look at your file. Visually very impressive. I like the rollover technique for the matches and I like the statistics area with the charting for past performance. The model must have taken some time to put together?

Few things that stand out. The speed for the model to update is on the slower side. I have a computer of probably average speed and it takes 5-6 seconds for data to update. This is no doubt because of the flags and country symbols which look great but because they rely heavily on the Indirect formula they are heavy on memory.

This is only a personal preference I would have sheets for each of the following;
  • Match Data
  • Group Standings
  • Statistics
  • Teams
You are using over 100 columns to cram all of this information into one sheet. You could use the same theme on the main sheet on all 5 sheets and this might address some of the speed issues.

The image below the Teams which is an addition to the Flags is probably a bit of an indulgence considering the slow down that this will add. The images are stored on "Sheet2" and I would get rid of that sheet and function to try and claw back some of the speed.

A lot of the formula on the Calculations page is array formula. This can be quite heavy. Could this not be normal excel formula? Might quicken things up if these were non array.

The chart underneath the Statistics area (middle bar chart) says Won, Draw and Loose. This should say Lose or Loss. Easily fixed though.

I put together a predictive model pre world cup where I faced some of the problems you faced. It does not have the post game analysis as your model. As I was building the model it began to slow so I had to calve out some of the flag functionality in the second output page. That file here.

Once again good work and the above is only an opinion so disregard what you will.

Take care


Somendra Misra

Excel Ninja
Hi @Smallman

Thanks for having a look at this and giving such valuable inputs. As I told this was my first model of such a kind, I did some mistakes which you told. Speed & Size were two things which I kept in my mind while working on this, somehow I mange the size but speed is slow.

The model is giving the scores after match is over and the same is updated on Wikipedia site. Even the model will automatically tell the second stage participants and winners. Array formulas become important as the fetching scores from the data was difficult as the data when imported from site is in a structure that I did find difficult to fetch results from the data through normal Excel formulas.

The Flag image is done through INDEX+MATCH but they are still slowing it.

Will work further on this.

Thanks again for such nice suggestions. Specially splitting the single sheet into multiple sheet.



Excel Ninja
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