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Fetch MS-Acces Data by Excel VBA


Dear All

I have a program in which i have generated 65560 numbers to construct a Chart (X-Y scatter) fine

My aim is to reduce the file size of the Excel file

So i will use the MS-Access as the back end to store the data if and then required i will take the data from the MS-Access and place it in the excel fine

I'm using array function to generate the series point. (THANKS to HUI)

If anybody provides a code to write the MS-Excel VBA generated array to MS-Access data base and bring back the same data whenever required.....it will be of great help to me please


Sample hierarchy will be as below....

from a Excel Excel VBA will be executed

Dim Myarray(1 to 100, 1 to 1) as Variant

For i = 1 to 100

Myarray(i,1) = i

Next i

The above Myarray has to be moved (to and from) to MS-Access data base...WRITE Myarray() to MS access database

it has to create a MS Access file (with a pre-defined file name) if access file already exists it can be over written

access file has to be created in the same directory where the excel file is placed

Read Myarray() from MS access database and paste to MS-Excel

Any help please ?


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I'm not real clear as to what you're trying to do:

Moving data to and from an Access database is relatively easy. Depending on what kind of data you're shuffling, I would think that creating an access database, not to mention creating a table on the fly would be 'wonky'.

Can you tell us a bit more about what your'e trying to do?


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There's some sample code here that shows you how to run a query against an Access MDB and return the result into an array in Excel:



Hi dan_I & JP

thanks for your reply


My application is very simple.

I have to plot a graph using X-Y scatter

Total poits of X and Y axis is 65000 points to create 1 curve

Total no of curve is 12 nos

To Switch ON and OFF the cureves i will duplicate those X-Y poits by copying and clearing

While duplicating the size of the XL file increaes ...so to avaod that i'm trying to retain the orginal points in MS ACCESS data base and if required i will import the data from MS ACCESS to Excel

Sample code is

For i = 1 to 65000

Cells (i,1) = i

Next i

For j = 1 to 65000

Cells (j,1) = j

Next j

So in the Coloum A and B i have X-Y poits to plot the X-Y scatter chart. But i need to Switch ON and OFF the curve so i will use VBA to Copy the poits from Coloum A & B to Coloum C & D and the C & D coloum is linked to CHART.

Here i need to store the A & B coloum (original) values in MS ACCESS

Hope the above clarifies my query in detail

Please extend your help


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The easiest way to pull data down from an access database is using MS Query. In 07, the data will automatically come down in a table which - if I recall correctly - can be plugged into your chart. IE: book1.xls!table1[xvalues]. If you're using 03, you can still use MS Query, but you'll have to do manually create a dynamic range to achieve the automatic chart.

Either way, you can add calculated fields from the query or you can play with the query table to automatically fill in some formulas, so that might help you add/remove your curve without having to jerk around with VBA.

I guess what I'm not clear on is the reason we're using an array.