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faster way to transpose/concentrate vertical to horizontal in a cell.


Despite I think excel is like a skyscraper built on a 1 family home foundation in how backwards and limited the code is which should be done from the ground up again. Its bad when harder things are easier than things that should be easy.

Here is a fast way to transpose/concentrate vertical to horizontal in a cell.

Copy your column, then past it on your web URL, then copy you URL, then past in cell.
It is to get rid of the hidden special characters in the copy command. So a simple Just a simple copy, past,copy, past.

If you want spacing use ms word replace function, and replace space with tab in the special option.
Good luck

If this post gets erased like my other helpful tips which is stated nowhere else then it's your loss.


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

I may be missing something , but I don't think it is so simple.

Suppose I have a column of text ; when I do a Copy , Paste Special , Transpose , I correctly get the multiple items of text , from multiple cells in rows , to multiple cells in columns.

When I do what you suggest , I get all of the text in one cell , with no way to break it up into separate cells in multiple columns.

What you have suggested is a well-known way to concatenate items in Excel , not transpose them.



YES. As stated it is to transpose and concentrate at the same time in one cell.
It is not to purely transpose in the same amount of cells which I guess I did not make myself clear.

You can also copy 2 columns to put them in the same cell.
It does offer gaps to fill them in or remove them with the replace option.