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extraction of email and contact number (fixed and mobile) from a list of urls

Good morning.
I found the shihin code at this link for email extraction and contact telephone numbers:

Could you help me find the right regex expression for both extrapolating landline and mobile phone numbers.
For this I have inserted all the fixed and mobile prefixes in the second sheet of the file that I have attached

Then it is possible to modify the shihin code so that the extraction can take place from a list of urls contained in the column a of the sheet and can provide for the possibility of extracting the email, landline and mobile phone taking into account that sometimes there may be multiple emails or fixed and mobile numbers (italian numbers)?

At this link (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35794734/italian-phone-10-digit-number-regex-issue ) I found the ways in which a telephone number can appear.

1) whole without international prefix;
2) with international prefix (+39);
3) the variants between the two with space after the prefix or the international prefix or prefix in round brackets.

I don't know if there can be others.

Thank you


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good morning
I put this regex expression in the shihin code:
^ (\ ((00 | \ +) 39 \) | (00 | \ +) 39)? (38 [890] | 34 [4-90] | 36 [680] | 33 [13-90] | 32 [ 89] | 35 [01] | 37 [019]) (\ s? \ d {3} \ s? \ d {3,4} | \ d {6,7}) $

I found it here (the last post):

I thought it was the wrong expression, however, I thought of using the link indicated by chihiro:
inserting all the links of all the mobile numbers I own and I noticed that the expression regex has no problems.

For this reason I thought that there will be some errors in the macro code for the extraction of telephone numbers because the emails are actually extrapolated.

Is there someone who can help me?

Thank you