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extracting cell address in via


New Member
HI there,
I have been battling to extract the cell address and then copy it to another cell ( see code below)
The bold comments are my thought process for this , but it does not work
Could you please help.
many thanks
Martin Argimon

Private Sub CmdButAssignParcelBeneficiaries_Click()

Dim ParcelNo As Range
Dim DestinationRange As Range
 ' Dim CellAddress As Range

Set ParcelNo = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Choose cell to copy", Type:=8)
 ' CellAddress = ParcelNo.Address

Set DestinationRange = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Choose Destination cell", Type:=8)

ParcelNo.Copy DestinationRange
 ' CellAddress.Copy DestinationRange

End Sub
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GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Why copy in the last bold statement?

Might it be DestinationRange = CellAddress

I believe CellAddress is not a range in this case, it could be a string.


Excel Ninja
What do You write to each InPutBox?

You're copying inputted ParcelNo-variables value to inputted DestinationRange-value
( no matter what values are in sheets )
... or what is Your plan?


New Member
Hi Guys,
Thanks a lot. I have changed to the suggestion by 'GraH- Guido': .....Might it be DestinationRange = CellAddress
and it worked perfectly. !!
Thanks very much, Indeed there was NO need for a .copy method
Kind regards