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Extract out best Unknown matched word,string


New Member
Hello there, I am looking for a solution to, Compare two columns random strings list column A & B (non indexed, not adjacent) take out whatever matches the best (User do not know the word to search) from string A with string list B, the resulted word should appear in column C, There could be possibilities of having multiple (2nd match >) match to strings from list A, in B than it can be shown in column D or next, next ! Need a formula or a macro - thank you

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi panstar5, welcome to the forum.
Please follow the best practices and upload a sample file containing some manual build solutions.
As I understand, you can use a Levenshtein distance (macro) and distance %. Available via a google search.
Once there you can sort on the matched result %. The closer to 100% the higher the match, but you need to be careful. Dina or Diana has a distance if 1 (1 extra character to add or delete from the string) and approx 80% match. But both are very distinct names. So depending of the task at hand you can't just use the functions as such. You need to interpret on your own.