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Expression.Error: 3 arguments were passed to a function which expects 1. Details: Pattern= Arguments=List


New Member
I have add column with below formual and get the captioned error. Hope I could get some guidance. Many thanks.

if [Credit Grade Code]>=7 and Text.Length([Grca Custom3],5,1)<3 or
[Credit Grade Code]<7 and Text.Length([Grca Custom3],5,1)<3
or [Credit Grade Code]<=2 and Text.Length([Grca Custom3],5,1)=2 then "CHECK"
else "ok"


Excel Ninja
Welcome to the forum. Looking at your M function, I have no idea what you are trying to do here. With no context.
As a new member, take your time to read through link below to get better help from other members.
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But the error is generated... because you used 3 arguments [Grca Custom3], 5, & 1 to Text.Length function.
Text.Length only accepts single argument, which should be string/text.


New Member
Thanks a lot for your advice. I apologize my question is a bit silly as I am new to Power query.