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Export multiple sheets to PDF per product by looping through slicer


New Member
I have an excel file containing multiple charts showing sales, demand, etc. in 5 sheets. These charts are linked and filtered by a slicer "Product Name". This slicer is located in sheet "Supplier" .
I am trying to export these 5 sheets to PDF per product by having the code to loop through slicer. The error I got is

And the code highlighted in yellow when Debug is
SC.VisibleSlicerItemsList = SL.SlicerItems(SlicerverdiIndex + 1).Name
Below is my full code. I have spent weeks to research and try different suggestions on internet but no luck. Could anyone please help?

Sub ExportPDF()Dim SC As SlicerCache
Dim SL As SlicerCacheLevel
Dim SI As SlicerItem
Dim PrintRange As Range
Dim MyRangeArray As Variant
Dim i As Integer
Dim FName As String
Dim FPath As String

  Set sC = ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_Product_Name2") 'Add slicer name between " "
  Set SL = sC.SlicerCacheLevels(1)
  Set sI = SL.SlicerItems(1)        'Sets slicer item to a start value

  'c(ounter) is set to 1, ready to begin
  c = 1

'Repeat the loop until the slicer doesnt have any data. "Do while c=1" is to kick it off in the first place
   Do While c = 1 Or sI.HasData = True

'This makes sure that SI is the correct slicer. Needed for corrent file name.
    For Each SI In SL.SlicerItems
        If SI.Selected = True Then
        SlicerverdiIndex = c
    Exit For
        End If
    Next SI

'Ensure that print only happens when the slicer has data
If sI.HasData = True Then

    'Define file path for printed file storage
    FPath = "C:\Users\..." 
    FName = SI.SourceName

    'Define WHAT to print and how to build file name
    'List of Excel Ranges to export from'

    ThisWorkbook.Sheets(Array("Sales", "Demand", "Supplier", "Inventory", "Distributor")).Select

    ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, _
                                        Filename:=FPath & "\" & FName & ".pdf", _
                                        Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
                                        IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
                                        IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _

End If

'Select next Value in slicer
SC.VisibleSlicerItemsList = SL.SlicerItems(SlicerverdiIndex + 1).Name

'Adds 1 to the counter, will loop until end of slicer has been reached.
c = c + 1


End Sub