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Execute Macros From Formulas (Or Cell Value)

indi visual

New Member
I would like to execute macros if specific cells change.

I have 25 cells I would like to apply this to.

After hours upon hours of failure, I would really just like to know if this even possible.

If "Z1" equals "1", then run macro

If value is not "1" do nothing

If "Z2" equals "2", then run macro

If value is not "2" do nothing


Active Member

You can create a macro that is inserted in the Worksheet that executes for Worksheet_Change and test for the value of Z1 and Z1 and run the appropriate code if they are equla to 1 or 2.




Active Member

Following on my earlier reply, refer to the article by Chi Pearson:


Note, that if the numbers in the target celss, that is Z1, Z2 etc are changed by a formula and not by manual input it will not trigger a Worksheet Change event