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Excel VBA - hide rows with value 0


New Member
Hi everyone,

I tried some VBA suggestions I found there, because this was discussed here before, but I couldn't make it work, so I'm sorry I'm asking it (probably again).

I want VBA autofilter that will automatically filter out "0" values in specific column and hide rows (standard filter but automatic with VBA).

I'm attaching the file with this post. I want in the sheet "Table" to run VBA on the column "D" that will hide automatically "0" value rows.
The VBA should run whenever there is any change in column "C" (this is where the original data will be inserted) in sheet "Insert".

Thank a lot to everyone willing to help!



New Member

thank you for the reply!

Does the VBA work for you when the sheet "Insert" is empty and you paste (Ctrl + V) here some data (eg. the data that are in the attached file)?
It doesn't seem to auto apply the filter for me.

Thank you very much in advance


Excel Ninja
Your: The VBA should run whenever there is any change in column "C" (this is where the original data will be inserted) in sheet "Insert".
With pasting
- If You're pasting to 'C'-column then 'Yes'
- if pasting eg to columns 'BC' then 'No' (if Your used Target.column is different than 'C*)
... anyway, for me - inserting always include to press <ENTER> to 'end' inserting - until that - it's still in 'editing-mode'.

If do any change in C-column 'Yes' (with <ENTER>) no matter which row - is cell empty or not!
... but but
... that 'Filtering' could do many many times! ( after every inserting in C-column )
... ... eg if You'll insert 99 times something in C-column, there could happen 99 times filtering.

Many times, You could see the result of Filtering by Your eyes after You have selected Table-sheet for view
.... or do You have a master plan to use Filtered result somewhere BEFORE selection?
... would this solve that Table-sheet would Filter only when select Table ... as with this version?



New Member
Superb, this VBA seems to solve my case. Thank you very much!
Can I ask you another question? I don't know if this needs to be VBA or just some excel formula...
I would like to automatically refresh and update on sheet "Table" cells A636 and further.
The source data should be all unique numbers from sheet "Data", column "H".

Have a nice day


New Member
I'm getting Run-time error '438' when selecting sheet "Table".

with this line highlighted:

.SortFields.Add2 Key:=Range("O2:O" & o_max), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal