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Excel to import data from online?


Any way to use excel online to import data from online?

As the link below show some examples of estimated earning vs reported earning information and seeing the odds within the previous days to see how correct they are.
Also if they are wrong to eliminate some of the weaker ones to see if the trend improves even on overall negative days.

Some of the estimates show a minus which means it will lose money so avoid them, or avoid the ones that are closer to smaller percentage, or even before or after market? Also low volume stocks or low priced are problematic maybe since no buyer or sellers at times.

or https://finance.yahoo.com/calendar/earnings?from=2019-08-25&to=2019-08-31&day=2019-08-30
or https://www.benzinga.com/calendar/earnings
or unless you know a better one



to put it nicely.... it's no good and not much info on how its done. its vague and limited in its explanation. Google sheets has more info on how to do things and works instantly with less effort. They also have outdated data which I thought Excel online would be better but Nope it feels like its worse. Even the official MS help link they give is a mess.


Excel Ninja
Different tool with different goal in design & functionality. ;)
Where Google sheet lives only in cloud, Excel's full functionality resides in desktop application (Get From Web, PowerQuery Web connection etc)

And webservice function is primary designed to work with API that returns xml response. Though you can work with html/json response when needed. It's just bit harder to get at the content you want, since it will need text manipulation.

Just google "Excel WebService function" and you'll find plenty of tutorials.