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Excel Tabling Tool - Filter Multiple Tables Using Single Drop Down


New Member

I have just been following the latest chandoo.org mail out for the tabling tool in excel.

My question is "Is there a way that multiple tables with linking information can be controlled using one drop down menu??"

My idea is that I am trying to process several years accident and traffic data at work (there are about 4 tables in total). It would be good to just select (using a drop down menu) say for instance 2008 and then all of the below tables will then follow suit and show 2008 figures...

Ideas and comments welcome :)



New Member
It will be best, if you can mention how each table is designed. If the main difference between the tables is that each one represent traffic data for a specific year, then you can assign a unique name to each table and either use data validation to call up any specific table or use Combo box to do the same.

The other option is to use Pivot table.