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Excel Slow Calculation


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

Are you talking about the recalculation time ?

What should we change in the worksheet to find out the recalculation time ?

Just pressing F9 does not show any problem , since the recalculation happens within a couple of seconds.



Active Member
@NARAYANK991 sir ,

Thank you for reply

I have uploaded few row of database but real database in around 25 thousand rows ,

It is taking too much time

How you please provide vba code for sumifs calculation

I will be great ful

Rahul shewale


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

I am not sure that using VBA will change anything.

From what I can see, your SUMIFS formulae are in only 4 columns , U , V , Y and AA.

In column Y , I don't see why the SUMIFS calculation should happen if there is no data in the column X.

Similarly , in column AA , I don't see why the SUMIFS calculation should happen if there is no data in the column Z.

These two column formulae can therefore be rewritten as :

Column Y : =IF(X5 = "", 0, SUMIFS($X$5:$X$6880,$N$5:$N$6880,N5,$D$5:$D$6880,D5,$B$5:$B$6880,1))

Column AA : =IF(Z5 = "", 0, SUMIFS($Z$5:$Z$6880,$N$5:$N$6880,N5,$D$5:$D$6880,D5,$B$5:$B$6880,1))

In column U , instead of having an additional IF condition test , I tried using this formula :

=SUMIFS($T$5:$T$6880,$N$5:$N$6880,N5,$D$5:$D$6880,D5, $B$5:$B$6880,1)

From what I can see , most of the data relates to individual parties in Pune ; where there are groups involved , the data is very little compared to the overall data size , say 50 rows in 7000.

Going by this , can you not separate the data into 2 worksheets , one containing data only for individual parties in Pune , and the other for groups ?

This way each worksheet will have to deal with a lesser amount of data.