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Excel Size


New Member
Hi Team,
I have excel which contains more than 80 sheets, with 27 pivot. Each sheet will not have data more than 10000 rows. I saved the file in binary format but still file size is more than excepted( it around 35 MB). File doesn't contains any object in it. When I delete unwanted rows and columns file size will increase instead of decreasing. Please help me to resolve this.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
I suspect some pivot cache issues.
- Do some of the pivots share the same data, or do they all refer to other datasets?
- Is the pivot data in the same file, or not?

Already try to set "save pivot data with file" to false (uncheck the flag), for each of the pivots. See if that has any effect at all.


Excel Ninja
80 sheets sounds excessive. Consider splitting workbook to smaller chunks. Typically, I'd recommend keeping sheet number in a given workbook to 20 or less (though I prefer less than 10).

On top of PivotCache others have mentioned... check each sheet's used range by using CTRL + END. If the selected cell is beyond your data range, then you'd need to select those ranges and use edit tool to clear all.