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Excel picture display!


New Member
Good day,

Can any one help me with my project.?
My problem is to show the image base on the list of result.

i,age directory is = X:\2 Picture\02 Bitmap.

please help me. and teach me.



Excel Ninja
Staff member
This has been answered in several posts and even a blog post about it

Try using the Search dialog at the top of the Main Chandoo.org Website


New Member
i tried to search but all i found is not suitable for my project. what i want if when there is a result after hitting search button image will automatically display according to the the part number.


Well-Known Member
LIke this?
Give the images the same name as the part numbers.
See attached. (excel file and image folder)



New Member
Hi Belleke,

Wow! your work is great, but what i want in my work is to display all image base on the result of what i search. your work is for individual part no. only but is it great also. my purpose is to easy identify the shape of each part number.


New Member
in your work can you please include also the criteria of searching the length, width height and shape of the product. thank you very much in advance.


New Member
the new excel is ok but what i mean is multiple criteria searching
i want to search width which is >200 and height which is <50 and length of >500 with shape = circle.

like that.;)

thank you