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Excel Macro to Convert Different Text in multiple Cells of Excel needs to converted into Normal Paragraph


New Member
We make some Documents in Ms Word, which is really a tedious job, in terms of repeated information and excessive formatting in case of increase and decrease in information. So, we have made an excel file which has one sheet as Form and other as "Document" to be Created. But as Excel is 2 Dimensional , so if anywhere down the column there comes lengthy word then cells above and below appears as excessive space on their sides. So, it is requested for you friends to kindly get me a Excel Macro, that;
  1. Convert Document Sheet into PDF
  2. Then Convert that PDF into Word File
  3. Then convert all text in table to Text
  4. Then all text lines in an apparent(Actually there are 4 separate Line) paragraph separate lines be joined together to form Normal Paraghraph. With continued lines of texts.
Thanks a lot lot much in advance. Seeking help for you guys
Attached Image file for your kind response