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EXCEL KPI's visualization & formulae help


Hello dear team, long time no speak !

Idea that I have is to create simple Excel dashboard for our Key Accounts which have very limited Excel knowledge.

They only need to know how much they need to order from us, to get X € of bonus. I will probably add some new features, but for now that is all.

So Excel would calculate bonus for them, they would only need to enter data manually into DATA sheet, columns P-R --> their turnover each month).

I want to do the following :
  • formulae that calculates how many working days has passed (sheet DATA row 41).
  • in DASHBOARD sheet I only want to see "active" bonus period results (bonus period months are listed in sheet DATA, column F - I). Right now is mid march, so I want data for bonus period T1, which is lasting from february - march.
  • I want that Excel is automatically showing results on current bonus period, but to have one dropdown menu, from which you could select other periods).
  • I want automatic bar that is showing how much of bonus period has passed (bar in DASHBOARD sheet on the right).
This is something really simple for you ninjas. Any suggestion that you might have are also appreciated !

Thank you !