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Excel formula for FIFO cost application


New Member
Dear , can anyone suggest me a formula that can help to apply the cost on FIFO basis, in the scenario the units are in liters, where the sales liters to apply the unit cost relevant on the FIFO basis, however there could be an instance where one sales could include two different unit cost applicable, as as the current stock alone wont be sufficient to complete the sales, thus there could be an application of two different unit cost as a proposition to the use of inventory, in this case an average cost become the unit cost.


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Peter Bartholomew

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In general terms, FIFO calculations can be performed by accumulating the required flows, capping the balances, and differencing to recover the flows within the cap. Knowing the volume at each price point gives the result.

If you need a more specific reply, I suggest you follow @vletm 's advice.