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Excel Filter is super slow


New Member
I have a large spreadsheet: 30,000KB, but until recently, it was functioning well.

Now, when I turn on the filter and try to change data by copying and pasting across the selection, it takes forever (30 minutes to change one cell across 1000 rows)

I tried removing the pivot table, removing functions, removing extra worksheets, and I brought the size down to 22,000KB, but it is still super slow, every time I try using the filter.

I would really appreciate any advice.




New Member
I'm guessing you've got a main data table and then formulae to the right enriching it?

Is there any of the functionality that can be done outside the spreadsheet? For example can you put the data and some of the calculations into another spreadsheet or even better in Access? This can then either be hard copied (ie without formulae) in or referenced by Pivot Tables.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Have a read of this and try some of his suggestions