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Excel Dashboard (Summary View)

Ankush Bhatia

New Member
I have an XL file to maintain the demand and interview process. Basically, client raises request for resources and there is a team who manages the demand and manage the interview process etc. I reviewed the XL and made few changes. I am stuck at a point where I need to create summary dashboard (landing sheet)

a. Show upcoming joining (Basically there is a column in table which says the joining date). Based on this, I need to showcase the next 7 days joining

  1. The structure of the sheet is

Client manager Company manager Skill Position no Demand status Profile Status Joining Date

Jim Sam .NET 1 Open

Jim Sam SP 1 Rejected

Raj Sam .NET 1 On Hold

Shyam Tom SP 1 Open

Basically I need to summarize, how many positions are open grouped via client manager and skill. And there should be a filter to choose company manager since each company manager will manage multiple client managers

  1. I need to summarize the demands for which no profile is submitted (basically a profile status is "Not submitted"). But this has to be filter based on company manager/client manager

Any help on this one highly appreciated

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member

Would it be possible to upload a representative sample file? Same structure as in real life, but fake data. Still enough data to see all the "issues", scenarios, things to consider, ...
Can you make a mock-up of how the end result should be like? Did you already thought about that?

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi again,

Do I understand correctly that your summary is in fact a simple pivot and that you want to enable easy filtering of that table by any manager?

I that is the case the easiest solution might well be to use slicers of the correct "filter" dimensions. No hassle at all.

+ for the requirement on those 7 days, I have added a calculation in the table.

See if that already helps...