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Excel CustomUI Ribbon - Retrieve variable value to use in another Sub()

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by motabrasil, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. motabrasil

    motabrasil New Member

    Hi There
    I have a macro that use a CustomUI Ribbon with dynamic Dropdown menu (see described below).
    Based on selection, the user should click in a button and run another macro that would open another workbook.

    The value from the dropdown is captured by "returnedVal1" but when I try to use it from Sub Details (), I failed. Value is blank ("")
    Could you please help me and provide the right directions to fix it?
    Another issue is: Is there a way to refresh my CustomUI Ribbon automatically every time I open the file?

    Hope to be hearing from you soon
    Thanks and regards

    Code (vb):

    'Macro 1)
    Private Sub itemCount(control As IRibbonControl, ByRef returnedVal1)
    Call DropDown1
    returnedVal1 = iItemcount5
    End Sub

    'Macro 2)
    Private Sub getItemLabel3(control As IRibbonControl, index As Integer, ByRef returnedVal1)
    returnedVal1 = vRngValues(index)
    End Sub

    'Macro 3)
    Private Sub Details(control As IRibbonControl)
    Dim wsSheet As Worksheet
    Dim sFile$

    Set ws1 = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Summary")

    On Error Resume Next

    If returnedVal1 = "File1_Name" Then
    sFile = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & "File1_Name.xls*"
    If Dir(sFile) = Empty Then
    MsgBox "File: " & sFile & vbCr & "...was not found", , "File Doesn't Exist"
    Exit Sub
    Set wbFile1_Name = Application.Workbooks.Open(ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & Dir(sFile))
    End If
    ElseIf returnedVal1 = "File2_Name" Then
    sFile = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & "File2_Name.xls*"
    If Dir(sFile) = Empty Then
    MsgBox "File: " & sFile & vbCr & "...was not found", , "File Doesn't Exist"
    Exit Sub
    Set wbFile2_Name = Application.Workbooks.Open(ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & Dir(sFile))
    End If
    Elseif ...

    Exit Sub
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2017
  2. Hui

    Hui Excel Ninja Staff Member


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  3. motabrasil

    motabrasil New Member

    Thank you Hui for your feedback
    I really apologize for my cross-post. I missed this rule.
    Kind regards

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