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excel corrupted files recovery

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naeem shahzad

New Member

how to recover excel corrupted file like if the data in file seem like chinese language or some kind of rounds and squares....

plz tell me method or send some solution bro

i will be very thankful to you for this.

naeem [dot] maliyat [at] gmail [dot] com


Excel Ninja
Hi Naeem,

By the time someone helps you with the solution,

could you please check the below links.





Excel Rōnin
Hi, naeem shahzad!

First of all welcome to Chandoo's website Excel forums. Thank you for your joining us and glad to have you here.

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And about this question in particular...

Maybe you want to read this too:



Joyce N Johnson

New Member

How to recover excel corrupted file like if the data in file seem like Chinese language or some kind of rounds and squares?
If an excel spreadsheet gets corrupted or damaged, you should try to open and repair it. This is a built-in repair function to fix corrupt spreadsheet. I would like to share an article here to know how to repair a corrupt excel spreadsheet.
Or for better and instant results, one can also check some third-party Excel recovery software. An Excel recovery software can easily recover data from corrupt excel spreadsheet.

Joyce N Johnson

New Member
Let me share a blog post here which contains some easy manual tricks to repair Excel file - http://wordpress.semnaitik.com/2014/03/05/repair-excel-file/

Through this blog post, you'll learn how to repair Excel file manually. First you can try Open and Repair to open corrupt Excel file. You can also try to extract data of the chart from corrupt spreadsheet. There's one more thing you can try here, you can convert Excel spreadsheet into SYLK or symbolic link format to recover data from it. I hope the shared information would be helpful here.



New Member
To change the calculation settings from Automatic to Manual may help you to open the not working Excel file:
Step 1. Open Excel file and click File > New.
Step 2. Click Blank workbook under New.
Step 3. Click File > Options > Click Manual under Calculation options in Formulas category > OK.
Step 4. Find the corrupted Excel file and then double-click to open it, then you shall be able to see your saved data in the Excel now.
Or maybe you can use a 3rd party tool …
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