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Excel Automation

Krihna Mouli

New Member
Dear Excel Experts,

Need to Send Individual Excel File as an attachment to the mentioned email master as per Master Data once updated. We required VBA Code on this.

This is an example of data only. The no. of employees volume is more than 100 nos. So every time we update the excel sheet, after updation needs to send emails regarding this.

VBA code should be code and Name criteria basis n sample excel sheet attached. separate excel sheets to be sent through outlook email from Master Sheet.

Hence I am looking for Excel automation regarding this.

Please do the needful.

Thanks and regards
V K Mouli



Excel Ninja
Krihna Mouli
If You're opening Your thread to Ask an Excel Question as now
... then You'll wait for that kind of solution.
If You're opening Your thread to VBA Macros - I'll move this soon...
... then You'll wait for that kind of solution.
Your wrote Please do the needful.
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