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Excel Automate Files based on Cell Text (Path in Cell)


New Member

Hey Guys,

I want to open excel file from Cell B2 then copy Column C from that document and return back to current worksheet & open workbook referenced in cell D2 & paste that column W, this process will continue till the end. It will be well & good this loop takes consideration if Condition TRUE is met from Column E

Thanks & Regards



Excel Ninja
D-column has .csv-files ( different than workbook ).
You've only given one sheet-name ( Sheet2 in Your snapshot ).
... above already means some challenges.
This would be more clear with a sample Excel-file instead of Your given snapshot.
.. as well as with a sample .csv-file.


New Member
Hey Mate,

Please find the sample file, basically i am running macro to generate those path file from where i need to perform some task copy & paste from respective files. The macro is there inside the excel file for your reference. The Problem loop is noting iterated for all rows.

Thanks & Regards