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Excel Automate Copy Paste based on rule

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I hope you are doing well.
I would like to know code available to automate my process to copy one file to another in excel using VBA from two different folder

First folder contains excel (.CSV) file with name 01-04-2022_Day.csv, 01-04-2022_Night.csv, 02-04-2022_Day.csv, 02-04-2022_Night.csv, & so on

Second folder
contains file excel(.xlxs) with 01-04-2022_DS.xlxs, 01-04-2022_NS.xlxs, 02-04-2022_DS.xlxs, 02-04-2022_NS.xlxs and so on.

I want to copy data from

01-04-2022_Day.csv ( c column) to 01-04-2022_DS.xlxs (w column),

01-04-2022_Night.csv ( c column) to 01-04-2022_NS.xlxs (w column),

Process continues for each date

I would be happy to hear from you

Thanks & Regards Shiv

Marc L

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Not open for further replies.