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Excel 2013 compatibility with Chandoo's Excel school

Adam S

New Member
Hello! I have Excel 2013 and would like to take Chandoo's Excel school. It looks like Chandoo uses Excel 2007. Will here be any issues if I have 2013? Thanks.


Excel Ninja
Hi Adam ,

The only issue can be that you will not be learning about all the new features of Excel 2013 , which is as much of an advance over Excel 2007 , as Excel 2007 is over Excel 97 !

Also , though the class may use Excel 2007 most of the time , there may be coverage of the additional features in Excel 2010 , such as Slicers.

Learning about Excel 2007 together with Power Pivot can help , since the latter is an integral feature of Excel 2013.

Of course , whether you will need to use all of Excel 2013's features in the course of your day-to-day work is for you to decide ; I feel that if you are a novice at Excel , the class will be beneficial ; what ever mastery you attain , you can take it from there , and learn about the other features in Excel 2013 on your own.