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Excel 2007 crashes when changing data source in pivots


New Member

I have some pivots set up in a worksheet that are pulling data from a sheet in the same workbook. (Not an external source). When I get new data, I usually change data source and refresh the pivots. It has worked in the past.

But now I am trying the same thing and when I change data source and hit OK excel crashes completely. I tried saving the data into another sheet, tried to convert .xlsx to .xls but it still crashes.

Any help to fix this is appreciated!




Excel Ninja
Staff member
I can't reproduce this, but maybe check the following:

1. Is there any non-ascii characters in any columns

2. Is there any text values in numerical columns

3. Are there any errors in any cells in the data area

4. Are there any hidden rows or columns

5. Are there any objects, shapes etc or hyper-links in the data area

6. When you get new data, save the spreadsheet in XL 2003 or older format and reload

7. Try doing a Ctrl Alt F9, then save and reload the spreadsheet

good luck