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Error in Do until statement


I have three values in the excel sheet
B Column contains Opening stock
C Column contains Sold units
D column contains Closing stock

I put the below macro code if the closing is less than or equal to zero the process should stop . But the do until statement is working more than that

>>> You've noted many times <<<
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Sub reconcile()
Dim i As Integer
Dim x As Integer
i = Range("D2").Value
x = Range("C2").Value

Do Until i <= 0
'Result = Result + i
x = x - 1
Range("C2").Value = x
If i <= 0 Then
End If

End Sub
Attaching the macro excel sheet need solution


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Marc L

Excel Ninja
As I can't see any logic within the code so it can be trashed !​
Then according to any Excel forum rules - like for the code tags you have forgotten again ! -​
you must well elaborate with details each step to be achieved …​