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Entry Data using a userform in a particular range

S. Das

Hi all,

I want to make a worksheet where I will enter data using a userform, and the from the userform, data will come to the desired worksheet range.

In the desired page I want to add data from row 11 to 20. I have 4 columns i.e, ID, First Name, Last Name, Designation.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Kenneth Hobson

Active Member
Please create the Userform with 4 Textbox controls and the Command Buttons you want. If you add the Column letter to the TextBox controls Tag property, that can be used to insert the value. You might want to add 4 Label controls by the TextBox controls to explain the value type needed.

One Command Button would be to Insert the values, and the other might be to close/unload the userform.

We can then more easily help with the code.

S. Das

here is a solution. if it works don's forget to hit like.
Thank you so much for your quick support.

Can you please help me with one more thing?

I want to delete any data by entering the ID in a userfom. I will just enter the desired ID and a button will press the excel will delete all the data according to that id and push rest lower range data (which are present below deleted row) to upward to fill the blank, which is created due to deletion.


Check this file...
option button is there in this very userform with additional checkbox cantrol.
all you have to input id in texbox1 then click that checkbox and press submit button when you use this userfrom for removing records.

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